A Beautiful ‘performance’

September 13, 2011

Dad’s cornea donation

September 13, 2011

My dad has also donated his blood 20x – Life never dies!




The most courages words…

August 16, 2011

The most courageous & beautiful words that i have ever said in my life…in the ICU:

“Dad, if you recover, we’ll be very happy…but if you think the suffering is too much to bear, feel free to go…”

I’m grateful…

August 16, 2011

I’m grateful…

1. My dad managed to donate his cornea right after his passing away – i’m so proud of him.

2. i have good and trusted funeral directors consultants – able to conduct meaningful funeral according to dad’s wish.

3. My mother can now be free from carer’s burnout – it’s time for her to really rest.

4. i have a reliable friends who can help me to sort out father’s will issues.

5. i have lived my life well so that my dad is proud of me – no regret.

6. Many people are helping to pray for and transfer merits to dad.

7. i have tried my best to provide medical, surgical, nursing & psycho-spiritual care for dad all this while.

8. Dad is now free from sufferings of taking medicines and physical pains.

9. Uncle David, relatives & friends are supporting in funeral expenses – i’m glad that i’m financially independent.

10. i have many true friends in life who care about me and family members.

11. i’m closer to family members and appreciate life even more.

12. Life never dies…

Life Never Dies

August 16, 2011

Life never dies, although we live.
In midst of change and death,
Only the forms shall pass away.
And not the spirit’s breath.

The consciousness can never die.
Although it seems to fade.
It doth but pass to other forms.
Which thoughts and acts have made.

“There is no death” all nature cries.
The rose will reappear.
Its petal will more perfect be.
After the winter drear.

The tiny bird that lifeless falls.
A victim to its prey.
Returns again in higher forms.
Upon its upward way.

From life to life more high and free
The myriads forms evolve
O may we learn to know the truth
This mighty riddle solve.

By Victor Wee/Wayfarers